Tired of accounts running out on you without paying?

With SkipTracker, your customers will be identified by their own fingerprint which cannot be mistaken using the latest biometric technology. The system also ties the customer’s photo to their fingerprint. You will have access to payment information regarding unpaid and overdue accounts. The information will also provide whether that person has skipped and not made payments for a long time. You can also see if that person is doing business with other tool trucks. With the ‘Notes’ feature, you’ll have access to payment history and can view good paying customers and bad ones too. The idea is to provide you with a solid way to identify and track your customers which can help your company have positive revenues. Good paying customers are needed for successful company growth.

This package includes:

  • SkipTracker Software with 1 year subscription
  • USB Fingerprint Reader
  • USB Camera for low light levels

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